Who we are

In 2004, a Flinders Ranges Art Trail was launched, with three exhibitions – Hawker, Wilpena and Blinman. By 2005, the trail had evolved to an annual art festival, called Flinders Ranges – A Brush with Art. The event now sees upwards of 15 participating exhibitions and workshops held across the Flinders Ranges.

The diverse nature of A Brush With Art means there is something for everyone; traditional landscapes, modern and abstract works, mosaic, woodwork, macrame and sculpture, along with many other mediums.

Participants range from established South Australian artists to emerging talents and local school and kindergarten students, so there is an opportunity to see the artistic world from all perspectives.

Now in its 20th year, this unique annual event has become an iconic Flinders Ranges art trail, attracting visitors to the region each spring.

What we do

A Brush With Art assists a collective group of artists, most from regional, rural and remote locations, to showcase their work across exhibition sites in the Flinders Ranges, providing an opportunity for participants, often with limited access to physical networks, to have a sense of belonging and ownership.

Participating artists work tirelessly on preparing for A Brush With Art throughout the year and volunteer hundreds of hours of time to offer visitors a unique experience, and a chance to stop and stay across regional towns.

The event presents exhibitions of both solo and group exhibits scattered across the Flinders Ranges, together with workshops enabling people to develop and learn new artistic skills.

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