Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre

Peterborough’s Steamtown was once a vast rail operation where over 100 steam locomotives passed through each day before heading to all corners of Australia.

Today, that legacy is preserved – and you’re invited to experience it for yourself. During September Peterborough’s local Papier Mache/Wireworkers artworks are intertwined throughout the Heritage Rail Centre, and captivate many audiences who come across them in their travels.

In daylight hours, you’ll tour the sheds and the extraordinary heritage-listed ‘Roundhouse’ before getting hands-on with heroic locos and luxury carriages. And at night, you’ll thrill to the award-winning ‘Sound and Light Show’, when this powerful story plays out on a stage like no other.

Wire Kelpie by Barbara Parry

Location and Contact Details

Steamtown Heritage Rail Centre, 1 Telford Avenue
Peterborough 5422

Ph: (08) 8651 3355

September 3, 2018 to October 7, 2018

Daily 9am to 5pm